About LSC Environmental

Company Overview
LSC Environmental Consulting formed to provide homeowners and design professional with economical and environmentally responsible solutions to environmental challenges.  The Firm is located in Clayville, Rhode Island and serves landowners in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts.   LSC Environmental Consulting serves as the interface between natural science and land use planning.  She will quickly identify potential development obstacles and work with you, your engineer, surveyor, and/or architect to devise innovative measures to avoid and minimize potential impacts and help you comply with regulatory requirements.

Mission Statement
The mission of LSC Environmental Consulting is to provide design professionals, realtors, and homeowners with economical and environmentally responsible solutions to inland and coastal environmental challenges and regulatory requirements.

Company History
Lisa S. Caledonia is the owner and Principal Environmental Scientist.  She has over 15 years of experience working in the environmental field since graduation from Bridgewater State College in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Environmental Studies.  She is versed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and federal wetlands protection regulations.  While working in the private industry as an Environmental Scientist, she helped ensure our clients’ projects fully complied with all aspects of wetlands and waterway regulations.  Prior to working in the private industry she worked as a Public Official as Conservation Agent for the Towns of Dighton and Plainville.  Additionally, she worked for the largest non-profit, land trust in southeastern Massachusetts; The Wildlands Trust of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Ms. Caledonia has completed wetland reconnaissance, identifications, and delineations in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  She has demonstrable experienced in field delineation of wetland boundaries in accordance with local, state, and federal procedures.  She has attended the Corps of Engineers workshop on Wetland Delineation Manual Regional Supplement, developed excellent botany skills and am extremely knowledgeable in plant identification.  She is responsible for the creation of GIS maps and documenting and preparing state and federal data forms, and is experienced in aerial photograph interpretation.

Ms. Caledonia has completed technical and inspection work for the Dighton Conservation Commission.  She recommended the adoption of Wetland Protection Bylaw and followed through on its implementation.  Once in place, she enforced the MA Wetlands Protection Act and Town of Dighton Wetlands Protection Bylaws and ensured that applicants complied with the Rivers Protection Act, Stormwater Management Standards, FEMA Regulations, and DFW Endangered Species Program.  She served as a liaison between the Commission, other Town boards, residents, regulatory agencies, and applicants. I reviewed plans and environmental impact reports, conducted field reviews, and interpreted aerial photographs.  She ensured that applicants provided the Commission with all required information prior to public hearings.

Ms. Caledonia worked as an Environmental Scientist since 2005 and as a Certified Coastal Invasive Manager (CCIM) since 2008 for private landowners in coastal portions of Rhode Island with landscape architects, engineers, and Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) staff to develop buffer zone management plans for habitat restoration of coastal buffers for CRMC approval.  Her work includes: assessing vegetation, recommending native plants, preparing planting plans, ensuring control of erosion and sedimentation, recommending invasive management techniques, supervising restoration efforts, and on-going maintenance per permit requirements.  As a CCIM she developed one of the first permitted Buffer Zone Management (BZM) plans used as an exemplary template in statewide educational workshops by URI/CRMC in CCIM certification trainings. The plan included removal of invasive species, planting of native shrubs and herbaceous plants, modification to an existing gazebo, and a new deck (shoreline recreation structure) with a kayak rack and associated shoreline access stairs.  She was responsible for monitoring and reporting to CRMC during construction and for the three year period after the initial growing season to ensure successful invasive plant control and habitat restoration.  

As Conservation Agent for the Town of Dighton, MA, Ms. Caledonia chaired the Open Space and Recreation Plan Sub-Committee, and led the volunteer group to develop the first comprehensive five year Open Space and Recreation Action Plan for the Town of Dighton.  She used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop town maps and proposed a unique home rule bill to start an open space fund in the Town, which was adopted by the United States Congress.