Services for Homeowners

If you are a property owner with natural resource regulatory issues in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, or want to learn how LSC Environmental Consulting can assist you with your property or project, enter the site here.

  • Wetland Delineation (inland and coastal)

Why do I need wetland delineation?  
Delineation is performed to physically mark the limit of a regulated wetland on a property.  This is sometimes referred to as flagging, consists of colored ribbons or wooded stakes set by a professional wetland scientist on your land. Delineation boundaries involve a thorough understanding of the existing physical features including topography, vegetation, soils, and hydrologic characteristics. Once delineation has been performed, a surveyor usually locates these points and puts the information onto a site plan.  Because each wetland is valuable and provides site specific functions, it is up to the regulators to make the final determination as to what resources are present on your property.  LSC can help you know where the wetland resources are and help you begin planning your project.  

  • Vegetation Assessments

Do you want to find out what type of natural community is present on your property, so that you can better plan for future uses and sustainability of your surroundings?  Or maybe, you want to get a head-start on controlling poison ivy?  Employ LSC to assess your site.

  • Habitat Restoration

Invasive Species Management and Monitoring

  • Buffer Zone Management

Do you live in coastal Rhode Island and want to improve your landscape and restore habitat?  Maybe you want a better view?  Maybe you want improved access to shoreline recreation?  Or, maybe you want to reduce the invasive weeds (many are also know n as invasive species) on your property and/or plant native vegetation?

Ms. Caledonia worked as an Environmental Scientist in Rhode Island since 2005 and as a Certified Coastal Invasive Manager (CCIM) since 2008 for private landowners in coastal portions of Rhode Island with landscape architects, engineers, and Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) staff to develop buffer zone management plans for habitat restoration of coastal buffers for CRMC approval.  Her work includes: assessing vegetation, recommending native plants, preparing planting plans, ensuring control of erosion and sedimentation, recommending invasive management techniques, supervising restoration efforts and on-going maintenance per permit requirements.  As a CCIM she developed one of the first permitted Buffer Zone Management (BZM) plans used as an exemplary template in statewide educational workshops by URI/CRMC in CCIM certification trainings. The plan included removal of invasive species, planting of native shrubs and herbaceous plants, modification to an existing gazebo, and a new deck (shoreline recreation structure) with a kayak rack and associated shoreline access stairs.  She was responsible for monitoring and reporting to CRMC during construction and for the three year period after the initial growing season to ensure successful invasive plant control and habitat restoration. 


  • Permitting Services

LSC will provide you with an efficient and cost effective method for preparing freshwater or coastal wetland applications for your project. LSC will coordinate all aspects of your project permit submission.  
Do you have a project team, or maybe you still need one?  We will communicate regularly with your engineer, architect and other design professionals to avoid wasted effort and save you money. Whether you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts you can count on our experience to properly prepare your wetland permit application.  Principal, Lisa Caledonia has worked closely with surveyors, design professionals, architects, landscapers, and regulators.  As a former Conservation Agent she has the expertise to help you design your project in an environmentally sustainable way and get it approved.